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Cars Import & registration

Any number of vehicles can be imported and registered in the name of an individual, provided that a residence permit has been issued and registration in the municipality of residence has been completed.

– Each car entering Andorra must meet European standards for emissions Class 5 or higher.
– Cars with more than 25 years old can be imported as classic cars.
– The cars with the steering wheel on the right hand side are not permitted.
– When moving to Andorra, one car can be imported duty-free because of the change of address of the applicant to Andorra.
– The car must have been registered in applicant´s name for more than 6 months and import must take place within six months after receiving a residence permit.

In case there is no change of address, a 4,5% rate of import tax (VAT) of the market value of the car applies.

– The cost of registration (yellow card) is € 200.
– The plates are issued by the Automobile Club of Andorra at a cost of € 60.
– An policy with an insurance company of Andorra is a must for all vehicles registered in the country.
– Cars purchased or manufactured outside the EU must pay an additional 10% tax, which is paid when the car is entering Andorra.
– Non-residents may also register their car in Andorra. In that case temporary MT / tourist plates are issued and need to be renewed every year.
– The registration costs are the same as mentioned above.
– Only residents of countries outside the EU are allowed to drive vehicles with MT registered plates in Andorra.

 The following documents are required when importing a car, irrespective of the type of import: 

  • Applicant’s / car owner’s passport
  • Residence certificate (not for MT plates)
  • Original invoice of the vehicle
  • Documents proving that the vehicle has passed a technical inspection (ITV) in Andorra
  • Insurance policy with an Andorran insurance company 
  • Technical certificate of the vehicle 
  • COC form / homologation paper
  • Custom export/import declaration


Since December 29, 2014 it is possible to apply for a personal license plate for cars with Andorran registered plates.

These are the conditions:

a) Only combinations of letters and numbers, without mixing them, and in this order (first letters and figures thereafter) or only letters are accepted.
b) Letters should be part of the alphabet in Catalan, in capital letters and without any accents.
c) The numbers shall be Arabic, 0-9.
d) Combinations that may coincide with the regular number registration will not be accepted.
e) No combinations which can cause confusion are accepted, when letters and figures are difficult to distinguish from each other.
f) Combinations that contain the word “AND” and others that belong to the state or Andorran authorities will not be accepted.
g) The registration must consist of a minimum of two and maximum of five characters.
h) The registration of five characters must start with at least one letter.
i) The registration cannot be a combination of the letters “MT“, “CD“, “CMD“, “A“, “CC“, followed by numbers or the word “PROVA“.
j) Combinations which have already been reserved or allocated are not accepted.

The Ministry rejects all combinations that are considered contrary to the law, the moral or public order as well as combinations that can lead to confusion.
Also, combinations identical as registered trademarks or trade names will be rejected, unless the applicant is the owner of the registered name.


2 letters 3 figures:          €    300
3 letters 2 figures:          €    500
4 letters and 1 figure:    € 1,000
5 letters:                           € 3,000
2-4 characters:                € 6,000

The annual renewal fees amount to € 200 per license.

The personalized license plate is engaged by the owner to the car of his choice.
It is possible to move it later to another car.

For more information you can take contact by clicking here.