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MT – Plates Andorran Tourist Plates

As non-resident you can acquire MT – temporary plates.

The MT plates have to be renewed yearly. This can be done by post, and we can take care of the full process for you, so you don’t have to physically visit Andorra at all.
Subsequently, the car does not have to be physically present in Andorra. An obligatory technical control, which is required for each annual renewal, can be done in any EU country.
You can renew the plates as long as you like. 

The arrangement with MT plates is primarily for citizens having their permanent residence outside the EU.
Residents of EU countries can in principle register a car on MT plates in Andorra, however they cannot drive the car over the Andorran border. 

The most important is that the car confers with the European emission regulations Class 5 or higher.
Note that when the car is imported, it has to enter the country on registration plates which expire within 30 days of import.

The required documents to import the car include:

  1.  Original of owner’s passport
  2. Original invoice of the vehicle
  3. COC form / homologation paper
  4. Technical certificate of the vehicle
  5. Export declaration from customs that shows that the country of destination is Andorra

When the car enters Andorra, then tax/VAT has to be paid on the border with cash or debit/credit card.
This is 4.5% of the car’s original value/invoice value.
Inside Andorra the vehicle has to pass a technical inspection by the safety authority (ITV) in Andorra.

In case the car is coming from a country outside the EU, even if the car has been manufactured inside Europe, the car need to get a European homologation.
This can usually be obtained by your car dealer or importer.
Otherwise the car has to pass a technical control in the EU, and modifications have to be done in accordance to European standards.

For cars coming from outside of EU, an additional tax to EU of 10% has to be paid.
This is payable when the car is entering Andorra.

The whole process of registration can be completed in two/three days

All cars registered in Andorra have to be insured with a local Andorran insurance company

For the yearly renewal of tourist plates, the following is necessary:

  1. 3 copies of your passport
  2. Original of the yellow card
  3. Declaration from the insurance company that the car will be insured
  4. Notarized authorization for us to handle this on your behalf