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Andorra La Vella

Coordinates: 42 ° 30’19 “North and 01 ° 30’54” East /
Postal Code: AD500

Andorra la Vella, located in a large valley where the two major rivers of the Principality (North Valira and the East Valira) flow, is the capital of this small but beautiful country. It is located at an altitude of approximately 1.013 m above sea level, with a total area of ​​12 km2 and a population of 22,615 habitants.

In this parish you will find the Government of Andorra with several administrative buildings; the main building of the judiciary called “Batllia“, the headquarters of the General Council and the “Comú d’Andorra la Vella” (town hall).

We also find other venues at foreign level as the Spanish embassy and the French embassy or consulates; Chile, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Philippines, Estonia, Ukraine and Italy.

The Principality of Andorra´s education is divided into three educational systems; the Andorran education system, where four languages ​​(Catalan, Castilian, English and French), the French education system which mainly spoken in French but mandatory classes of Andorran culture (History of Andorra and Catalan language) are also taught and the Spanish educational system where Castilian is spoken mainly but mandatory classes of Andorran culture are also taught.

In Andorra we can find schools of the three above mentioned, plus some congregational education systems. It also it has a vocational training center fully subsidized by the Government.

One of the great advantages of Andorra la Vella, apart from being very central, is the variety of shops, malls (Pyrenees, Hiper Andorra, Andorra 2000 …) and restaurants. Those are to be found in its streets, along with very competitive prices due to Value Added Tax (VAT) is currently only 4.5% on products. Further one finds beautiful parks, hiking trails and a variety of activities to do.

In terms of public transport this parish has easy access to other places. All buses leave from Andorra la Vella to all other parishes every 15 minutes. In addition to go to Sant Julià de Lòria has, the “Bus Express”- line” departs every 9 minutes. To go to La Seu d’Urgell (the first village across the Spanish border) there are buses every hour.

Points of interest in Andorra la Vella:

– Church of St Esteve
– Avinguda Meritxell
– Indoor Freestyle Center
– Parc Central
– Casa de la Vall
– Plaça del poble
– Church of Santa Coloma
– Old Town

Andorra la Vella is popular as residential area, with its closeness to the town centre. In the hills, sounding the centre, are some of the most prestige’s and popular housings, like Parc Guilemo, where PRIME PROPERTIES has regularly luxurious apartments and villas for sale.

All these properties are normally in the higher price range but very south after for it peaceful and in the same time central location.As well the views over Andorra centre are quite spectacular both day and night.

Andorra la Vella and to it bordering Escaldes-Engordany, is an area interesting and preferred by foreign investors and as a base for companies administrations.

The consulting part of our company PRIME MANAGEMENT can give you information about all aspects of investment structures or formation of trading and holding companies in Andorra.

Andorra has number of advantages connected to local Andorran companies and is offering few attractive setups for foreigner to take their residencies in the country – all these we would be happy to assist you with.