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Information for Property buyers

There are no restrictions on property ownership for foreign buyers.
As a non-resident you need, however, to apply for permission from the Andorran Government when purchasing a property. This process is handled by PRIME PROPERTIES SL and permission is granted automatically to persons fulfilling following conditions:

♦ The purchaser must be over 18 years old
♦ You must have a valid passport or National Identity card
♦ You must present a Certificate of Good Behavior from the country of residence. This must be notarized and certified with an international apostille (“apostille de la haye”), and translated to Catalan, French or Spanish.
♦ The property you are buying must have been constructed with the government’s authorization and must comply with the building regulations in force at that time.
♦ The seller has to provide a Certificate of Habitability.

Sales agreement

When you decide to purchase a property in Andorra you are required to make a deposit of 10% with your agent to secure the sale at the agreed price.

Purchase contract/Deeds

The final purchase deed has to be signed in front of one of Andorra’s four notaries.
The wording of all purchase contracts is standardized and approved by the Government.
All agreements and payments are checked by the notary before the title deed is issued and signed. The notaries keep a register of all properties.
This register is not public, which means that a third party has no access to information regarding property ownership in Andorra.

House Mortgage

Mortgages are normally available for property purchase in Andorra through local banks. Banks will in principle lend up to 60% of the property’s value, with 15 years term.

Last Will

It is strongly recommended to make a separate local will or codicil to an existing will for properties or assets of any kind in Andorra.
There is no automatic right in Andorra of inheritance for spouses.
The cost of this at the notary is € 90,15.