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Coordinates on Google Maps: 42.565814, 1.597506
Postal Code: AD100
Population: 3.180            (5% of the Andorran population)

Canillo is the largest parish in all Andorra with an area of 121Km², but in the same time the less populated. Canillo is as well the highest located parish in Andorra 1.530 m above sea level.Canillo parish has many picturesque valleys and mountains reaching to over 2.500 m altitude.

Vall d’Incles” , forming part of the Canillo parish is a nature protected area with its exceptional flora and fauna.

Even though Canillo has a small population, the parish does count with several small villages: El Tarter, Ransol, Sant Pere, Bordes d´Envalira, El Vilar, Armiana, Els Plans, L’Aldosa de Canillo, Forn, Prats, Meritxell, Molleres and Soldeu.

Canillo, Soldeu and El Tarter are the three starting points with ski lifts going to the Grandvalira ski area, the largest in the Pyrenees with more 210km of ski slopes. Due to its number of facilities and services, Soldeu is an “in” place for after ski entertainment.

Canillo has Andorra’s only ice skating stadium “Palau de Gel”, which is open the whole year.

Canillo, however, is not only a place to visit in wintertime. The number of summer activities is increasing all the time. Here you can find the Bike Park, the “Mon  Magic” for children, a karting track and Europe´s highest golf course “Golf Soldeu at an altitude of 2.250 m, which can be reached with a ski lift from Soldeu. “Golf Soldeu” is a 9 holes – par 33 golf course.  These are just some of the outdoor activities.

Canillohas the Andorran, the Spanish and the French school system, as every Andorran parish. There are good public transport connections to the Andorra city centre, which is about 12km away.


Points of interest:

– Grandvalira ski area
– Palau de Gel
– Golf Soldeu
– Karting
– Bike Park
– Vall d’Incles protected natural area
– Refugi Juclar
– Parish Church of Sant Cerni
– Sant Joan de Caselles
– Sanctuary of Meritxell


The Andorra tax and immigration system offers a number of advantages for Andorran companies as well as attractive setups for foreign individuals to make Andorra as the place of their main residence.

Canillo is a typical area for ski tourists and most of the properties are holiday homes in the middle price range.

PRIME PROPERTIES has often apartments to buy in the Grandvalira area.


Villas or free standing chalets are rare to find and often highly priced as they tend to include larger plots of land.

Canillo is probably not the most sought after area for residents looking to live in Andorra all year around, however Canillo is only a 15-20 minutes´ drive from the Andorra la Vella city centre and shopping areas.

With the large number of tourists visiting Andorra every year, we receive frequently inquiries from foreign investors, looking to buy hotels and gastronomic objects in the all areas.

We offer both for corporate and private investors a wide range of properties to buy in Andorra and with the knowledge and experience of our real estate department PRIME PROPERTIES, we will make sure to find what you’re looking for.

The second part of our company PRIME MANAGEMENT deals with all aspects of investment and formation of trading and holding companies and not to not forget Andorra residence permits. Whatever service you need, we are there to help you further.